Ever Wondered What Happens On A Wedding Morning?

I worked on this wedding with make up artist Kerry, a while ago. But I just love these photos taken by the talented Hannah Duffy - http://hannahduffyphotography.com/ 

We work with brides sometimes 4 times a week, helping brides getting ready for their day but also witnessing and being part of memories that will be part of their lives forever.

Mums helping their daughters to get into dresses, their dads seeing them for the first time, (gets me every time!!)  memories shared and new ones created with bridesmaids that have been friends forever and sisters that support them no matter what..We see arguments, tears and giggles and I never take for granted what a special time it is and how privileged we are to be apart of it for that short time.

These photos are a window into the real story behind what a bride gets up to on the morning of her wedding..I especially love the laughter that turns into tears and follows with loved ones to mop them up. 


The very happy bride and her gorgeous bridesmaids, prep finally over, tears gone all ready for their day.

Such a tender moment, cute flower girls showing the bridesmaid her petals..These moments should be remembered forver. Imagine how this little cutie must feel right now? Like a real life princess!

The monet when the bride's dad walks in gets me every time..Such a beautiful memory captured in a photo.

Don't ruin the make up!

The wedding morning can be emotional. Best to blot tears with a cotton bud in your tear duct and try to relax. Rescue Remedy helps!

Sometimes trying not to cry makes it worse, relax and let it go and that should be it for the day. Stopping yourself crying can make you feel tense and you may blub at the alter instead.. 

Trying to keep the tears at bay

The tears are long forgotten..

Relaxed happy and full on, out loud bellys laughs..Such a sweet photo.

Vanessa's beautiful wedding flowers

Kerry making the finishing touches to the make up

Vanessa and her team doing a bit of last minute wedding prep. Don't kid yourself..This is pretty normal!

Classic shoe shot of a not so classic shoe. These are beauties!!

This dress is by Naomi Neoh Atelier 

http://naomineoh.com/ I love the separate bolero that ties at the back of the neck.

The lovely bride chilling with her dogs and watching movies in her jimjams..I love the honesty of this photo so much.