Pintrest - How I Use It

I have a serious and addictive love of Pintrest. For thos if you that haven’t heard of it (Where have you been!!??) Think of it as a scrap book of all the ideas and photos that you love. Objects, looks and ideas that give you inspiration or just make you laugh.

It’s a great way of collecting you thoughts wether it be ideas for decorating a particular room in your house, creative storage, cool new recepies or to add style to yoir wardrobe it’s just incredibly useful!

Check out my boards..

‘My own personal style’ pretty much does what it says on the tin. It’s clothes and accessories I either own or covet or simply love their style

‘Randon cuteness’ No code to be broken there it’s just cute random stuff, mostly of animals and it cheers me up no end!

Life – Images and inspiration for my home, my family and my life. I love to surf, hang out with my kids, be by the sea, suck up the great outdoors. There is also evidence of my love of distressed and reconditioned furniture.

Food porn – Recipes I need to try! That is all..

Nails – For my nail art inspiration/addiction

Wedding hair by Lovehair are images that we have created that have been pinned or repined from Pintrest

The other boards are self-explanatory hair and make up styles that I hope you’ll love as much as I do, us stylsits love a mood board so every time we have done a shoot or are looking for images to inspire and speak to the team they get put on Pintrest under random & nonsense names. You’ll see what I mean!

Get the app on your phone or Ipad and get stuck in. Ideal for when sitting on a train or lying in bed (alone!) x