Hair & Make Up For Enrapture Shoot

I recently worked on a photoshoot for Enrapture hair tools,

See the final results of the shoot here:

I really like their products, they reach high temps yet have different heat settings which is great for hair types.

I did both the hair and make up for this shoot, but it was really important that the hair was perfect to show off what the tongs can achieve. Here's how I styled the hair to achieve this larger formed curl rather than a wave.

  • Damp the hair and use  a light mousse – I like Percey & Reed as it has heat protecting properties too,
  • Comb the mousse from root to tip and blow dry with a round brush,
  • Then section the hair off into small sections – Roughly an inch square and roll up using the tong.
  • Use a pin to keep the curl formed, repeat this all over the head and allow to completely cool.
  • Take out and style. Done

I was absolutely delighted to see the final results from this shoot in OK magazine – Right opposite Kate Middleton no less!

Hair and make up with advertising company Bluechew for Enrapture hair products