Gypsophila - THE Hair Accesory Trend Of 2013

Gypsophila – ( Gips-off-ila) Not Gyspsophilia which is how I have been saying it for the last 10 years!

Gypsophila has been used more and more in weddings in 2012 No doubt as a direct result from our very own Catherine using it by the barrel at her own wedding and more famously in her sister Pippa’s hair.

I always thought of it as the slightly naff accessory to a shop bought Rose. But these days I hold it in far higher regard. Some of the most beautiful creations in the last year involve Gyps.

It looks very pretty broken up into tiny little pieces and sprinkled (although not literally) through the hair creating a more delicate effect – great for winter weddings as its very snow like.

It can also be bunched up into poses ~ See Pippa Middleton hair, this is more of a statement and looks great either at the side or the centre of an ‘up do’ to take the place of a broach or hair accessory.

In this picture I used strips of lace which I entwined in and out of the hair then finished by placing both large and smaller sprigs of Gyps inbetween.

This looks great dotted through a plait too! I love this style it’s really special and very ‘different’ This bride drove to church in a gorgeous cream VW Beetle (Old school) adorned with white flowers and Gyps. My perfct style? I think so!

If you’re making these yourself have play with the gyps to see how much you need.

Simply pull the shorter stalks and bunch them up next to each other then tie with a small elastic to keep in place.

Things to think about: the flower does dry out quite quickly without water so I suggest keeping it in water until the last possible moment – Not only does it dry out but it can also have quite a pungent and nasty smell so buy fresh!

The more you add the ‘whiter’ and more of a feature it becomes..the best bit is it’s cheap as chips!!..Cheaper in fact!

Relaxed wedding hair using Gypsophila and lace. A gorgeous alternative to hair accesories

Gypsophila with a cream rose entwined through a half up half down hair style at this Northbrook Farm Wedding. Image by Ed Peers.

Here Jo Irving has added Gypsophila to create a soft boho look with plaits. This picture was taken at the studio during a hair up course