Lovehair is a little bit different

Since Lovehair was established in 2006, we've enjoyed working with over 7,000 brides. In that time we've learnt that it's the little things that make a big difference.

We want you to enjoy looking great on your wedding day, so we've shared our ethos so that even if you don't choose Lovehair, you know what to look for in a good wedding stylist.

Lovehairs' not so secret ingredients

  • Stylists should share ideas with each other to innovate, stay up to date and ahead of their game.
  • Teams of stylists work better. There's more creativity & the support benefits brides.
  • Proffesional stylists know how long hair and make-up can take. For larger groups, we would use more stylists, not less time. Lovehair don't charge for additional stylists.
  • Value talent; we've made an art of finding and retaining the best stylists out there.
  • Brides are customers from the first call - not just your wedding day. We will happily help with any questions throughout the run up to your big day the big day. 
  • Experience counts. Professionals have already learned from their mistakes, so wont make any on your wedding day.
  • Practice makes perfect. Staff training is at our heart to ensure our brides get the best. That's why our average stylist has over 2 years bridal experience and regularly attends master classes run by Lovehair.
  • Only professional products achieve professional results.
  • It's nice to be nice, so we have the Lovehair "lovely" test for new recruits.
  • Have a B plan. We always take notes and photos at our trials, so if a stylist has a minor catastrophe, another stylist can step in and save the day.
  • The bride must enjoy the experience of being looked after - we understand that.
  • Professionalism matters. We are fiercely proud of our record in punctuality, reliability and quality. Lovehair have never let a bride down.
  • Insurance might be the least glamorous aspect about what we do - but we always have it anyway.